British Womens Motocross Championships

The British Womens Motocross Championships. An 8 round series for the best female motocross racers in the UK. The only series where the top girls can gain European Championship racing experience as a stepping stone to grand prix success by qualifying to represent Great Britain in the IMBA European Ladies Championships.

IMBA team qualification

The 2019 team

The team for the 2019 campaign are picked from the 2018 BWMA/AMCA British Womens Motocross Championship

All team members must compete in every BWMA round in the 2019 season unless injured. Any rider racing another event instead of the Championship will be taken off the team and forefit their position for the following year unless cleared by the BWMA. Only BWMA Pro Championship riders can compete in IMBA events.
Team Manager - Vicky Marriott

10  Chelsea Gowland
11  Amie Goodlad
12  Charlotte Hall
14  Catherine King
15  Taylor Scott
16  Kayleigh Durston
17  Marni Saunders
18  Jaymee Garrood

Team will change depending on availability due to injuries.
Leonni Tighe has hed to drop out due to knee injury