British Womens Motocross Championships

The British Womens Motocross Championships. An 8 round series for the best female motocross racers in the UK. The only series where the top girls can gain European Championship racing experience as a stepping stone to grand prix success by qualifying to represent Great Britain in the IMBA European Ladies Championships.

BWMA Championship Registration

2018 Westermans International
British Womens Motocross Championship
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We are pleased to again be managing the Westermans International British Womens Motocross Championship.
All Championship Registration to be completed here.

Registrations are non refundable

Registration for both Youth and Adult Championships ..................... £75.00

You need to join an AMCA club to get your AMCA License.
If you are not a member of an AMCA club we can help.
To make it easier we have formed our own AMCA club and
you can join through us.
The MotoX Club. Club fee is to help cover AMCA affiliation
fees, so add this to your registration fee.............................................. £25.00

AMCA License is £75.00 including the standard p&p
You can apply on AMCA website once registered and joined
an AMCA club.

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